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“Vocar-Palanka”: Again, the food half of Europe
Postavljeno: 04.11.2012.
As the revamped factory has already been fulfilled years’production plan. It’s produced 2,000 tons of goods, and the barren land council will donate seedings.

As the revamped factory, has already been fulfilled years’production plan. It’s produced 2,000 tons of goods, and the barren land Council will donate seedings.

Posted in Vecernje novosti 12.july 2011. 21:22

SMEDEREVSKA PALANKA - Factory for processing of fruits and vegetables "Voćar-Palanka", after a break of ten years, successfully resumed production and has already exceeded the planned 2,000 tons of finished products, as expected throughout the year.
Currently, 50 employees work in two extended shifts, even on Sundays – said Rade Ivanovic, the third owner of “Vocar”. Daily we produced trucks of goods, or 20 tons, and it is pure, domestic product: from the brains and labor to raw materials and packaging.

Since that the capacity of the factory is too large for the Serbian market, 80 percent of goods are prepared for export to the European Union, especially Germany, and - in cooperation with the local government, which has established a business relationship for blood brotherhood Solnečnogorskim districts, near Moscow – was contracted to supply the Russian market.
At the same time, we have been prepared and new products, such as plum jam without sugar, intended for the European Union. The new and thermostable marmalade, which is insoluble at temperatures below 200 degrees, so the interest in it, "Banini" and "Medela". Furthermore, the market and are offered two lines of products: coot for pasteurized cauliflower and cabbage rolls ...
However, it is not ideal. Due to problems that occurred during the previous two unsuccessful privatization of “Vocar”, peasants below Jasenice turned to other jobs and left the country, and in Palanka municipality has at least 7,000 hectares of arable land contaminated. Slavoljub Djuric, president, therefore, announcing measures to return fruit producers.

I will insist, but from 2012, the budget of local governments begin to set aside ten million to buy 100,000 fruit trees, which will be donate to the producers. They will be able to earn good, because now we have a factory that will buy their goods, and the municipalities, through four or five years, thanks to this production, double the national income in the budget - is optimistic Djuric.


Palanka’s factory returns and beetroot products, for which used to be known in the world. We start with a salad, and the arrangement of the lines for the production of juice, which is one of the healthy and nourishing food. Juice of beetroot in Europe, otherwise, products are produced only just in Swiss "Biota"!

"VOĆAR" has purchased 200 tons of cherries at a cost of 65 to more than a hundred dinars per kilogram, 100 tons of apricots at 50 dinars, and during the purchase and other seasonal fruits. Villagers are satisfied because every gram of goods paid immediately - on the scale - which is rare.
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